Backpack Pals for Richmond County

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What is it?
The Backpack Pals program is designed to meet the needs of hungry children who have little to eat over the weekend.  The program is anonymous and it costs the parents nothing.

How are students selected?
A child in need is identified by school administration.  Letters are sent home to obtain permission for the child to participate. Backpack Pals for Richmond County supports all children identified as having need, regardless of their home situation. 

How are backpacks distributed?
Backpacks are packed during the week by one of our wonderful volunteer groups.  The inconspicuous black backpack filled with a “weekends worth” of assorted easy to open, single serve food items.  Filled Backpacks are delivered to the school office each Friday morning.  Students receive their backpacks of food on Fridays.  The backpacks are returned to the school on Mondays.

How does it benefit students?
Backpack Pals programs have been shown to have a positive impact on a student’s behavior, attendance and academic achievement, as well as alleviating hunger.

How much does it cost to fill a backpack?
BackPack Pals of Richmond County spends about $7.50 per backpack for food per week..

What’s the best way to support this program?
With your financial donation, we can make bulk purchases of individually packaged, nutritious foods. It's the fastest and easiest way to provide the children with weekend meals.  

Do you need Volunteers?
We relay on volunteer groups every week to pre-pack the backpacks.  If you group would like to join us for a packing session, please allow at least two hours of your time to sort and organize the food selection that will go into the backpacks.



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